Use the online generator now!

Get Unlimited Apex Coins with our Apex Legends Hack for XBOX, PS4 and PC

Use the online generator now!

Use the online generator now

First of all with the Apex Legends Generator you can get as many Apex Coins as you want. There is almost no limit to how many times you can use the Apex Legends. We only set a small limit on the number of items you can generate at once. There are several reasons for this, but mainly we avoid being banned. Lately, there have been more and more players who came up with the idea of generating 20 million Apex Legends. Then they were banished and we were blamed for it. This is of course silly. You should generate a realistic number of items. If someone suddenly has millions of Apex Legends out of nowhere, which are worth several thousand euros, then this is impossible to ignore.

You do not have to download a file!

Our Apex Legends hack works only online. That’s why he’s also called online generator. So do not get confused. We only offer an online hack, so there is no risk of getting any virus. We find it an ideal solution. It is safer for us and for you. Previously, some hackers downloaded our Apex Legends hack and then used it to create thousands of accounts, then each generated a large number of Apex Coins on their accounts. After that they sold these accounts for expensive money. We definitely want to prevent our apex coins from being offered for sale somehow. Use the Apex Legends hack just for yourself. Be careful how many items you generate and who you tell them about. The main reason why players are banned is that they are reported by others. This also applies to games like Fortnite.

Otherwise, we hope you enjoy using the Online Apex Legends hack. It works on all devices. No matter if XBOX, PS4 or PC. In addition, you can update the game as often as you want without losing your items.

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